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Privacy and Cookies



The ZRI Institute, Celje, Opekarniška cesta 15a, 3000 Celje, accepts the following statement on data protection in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

The institute appreciates the confidentiality of personal information and the privacy of users of this site, and therefore your data is carefully protected against misuse, disclosure and unauthorized access, which ensures you carefree and smooth cooperation with us.

Because your privacy is extremely important to us, we adhere to three principles:

  • We do not collect your information if this is not really necessary.
  • We will not share your personal information with third parties, except in cases where statutory obligations would be prescribed.
  • We assure you that your personal data will be processed only for the purpose for which they were transmitted.

Consent to the provision of personal data is voluntary, and consent may be revoked in the same manner as you gave it at any time. In the event that you do not provide personal information or if the consent is revoked, the company can not fulfill the purpose for which the data are collected.

We use personal data transmitted exclusively in order to respond to your request and to forward the desired offer. We process the data until the end of the consent or until the purpose is fulfilled.

The Institute for the purpose of achieving the purpose collects, manages, processes and stores the following user data, which the user enters into the contact form:

  • name and surname
  • the name of the company in case the demand is submitted by a legal entity
  • contact phone number
  • email address

Contact form

  • Before using the contact form, it is necessary to choose the option to agree to the “Declaration on Data Protection and Cookies” of the website, otherwise sending a message using a contact form is not possible.
  • After using the contact form, only the data provided in the contact form is recorded and stored in the administration, so that the IP address is not recorded.
  • The message is stored within the administration of the website and forwarded via the Sendgrid service to an e-mail address that is referred to as the contact of the web site.
  • Sendgrid stores data for only 3 days, then they are automatically deleted.
  • The IP address that is used to verify that your IP is not on the blacklist that has been flagged to send large amounts of spam is also included. The same verification is performed by all commercial e-mail providers, such as Google Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and Outlook 365, Zoho Mail, etc.

Google Maps

  • Our website uses the Google Maps mapping service via the API. Managed by Google, USA. To use Google Maps, you need to save your IP address. This information is usually transferred to a Google server in the United States and stored there. The provider of this site has no effect on this data transfer.
  • Using Google Maps is in the interest of our website to attract and facilitate the location of places you specify on our site.
  • Users with a business agreement.
    • An agreement has been reached for a Google Maps API Company that allows you to use Google Maps on your site, app, or other products, the following terms apply to you.
  • European data protection provisions.

  • Terms of service for visitors.
  • This is a legitimate interest in accordance with Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR. For more information about handling user data, see the Google Data Protection Statement at the address

Commenting on the website

  • Akismet is used to verify that the posted comment on the website is genuine and not spam. Based on the comment itself and the entered data and IP, it is analyzed on the basis of the so-called blacklist, but whether the comment is desirable or not.
  • This ensures that unwanted comments are removed in a timely manner and provide the best user experience to both the operator and the user of the site.
  • WordPress Administration keeps all the information entered for each comment; date and time, name, e-mail, URL, message and IP address and browser tag. The URL information is not required.
  • The anonymized user-name hash format is passed to Gravatar to display the user image if the user has the Gravatar user configured.

Logging in to the website

  • Za preverjane pristnosti uporabnika se preverjajo in beležijo sledeče informacije
    • Uporabniško ime
    • Javni IP naslov (ki vam ga je dodelil spletni ponudnik)
  • Na osnovi svetovne baze podatkov se preverja, a je vaš IP na črni ali beli listi in vašo prijavo blokira ali pusti.


  • Third parties
    • This site can use WPMU DEV’s third-way cloud storage for storing backup copies of its audit logs where personal data are collected.
  • Additional data
    • This page generates and stores an activity log that includes the IP address, user name, email address, and user track activity (for example, when a user comments). The information will be stored locally for 30 days and remotely for 1 year. Remote log information can not be removed for security reasons.

SSL certificate

  • An SSL certificate is used on the website to secure a secure connection between the site and the visitors to you.
  • All data that is exchanged between your web browser and website is encrypted.
  • This ensures greater security and prevents unauthorized users from intercepting and reading data.

If you have any questions about privacy on, please contact us and we will try to answer your question as soon as possible.



What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that the site loads when you visit it in your web browser. Some cookies are an indispensable necessity for the operation of the website. Cookies do not contain any personal or other data that could be used to identify the user, so we recommend that you consent to their use.

The site does not provide cookies to external service providers and does not use them to display advertising messages.

The visitor can withdraw his consent to use individual cookies at any time by clicking on the lower check mark. Withdrawal of consent may result in a change in the performance of some of the functionality of the website or disabling the use of individual services.

Types of cookies

  • Cookies may have very different ingredients. Good cookies are very useful for visitors, especially for sessions, applications, shopping carts, and similar web site tasks.
  • Some cookies are useful primarily for website owners. For example, they serve to monitor the amount of visits, that is, the reach of their site, and indirectly also benefit end-users, as they allow content authors to inspect what contributions on the site are interesting to visitors, and on the basis of feedback, they can approach the website to readers with interesting content.
  • Some cookies, however, are not good at least from the perspective of the Information Office. These flawless cookies mainly record information about your online activities, which they then distribute to third parties, in the processed and derived information, most often advertisers. For this reason, for example, various people on the web show different ads. Everybody sees the ads of the products and services they will most likely buy. However, for tracking cookie owners, this allows for greater earnings from advertising.

Piškotki se divided into:

  • Sequential or session cookies: These are temporary cookies stored in the browser’s cookie file until the end of its browser visit (for the duration of the browsing session and deletes with the session’s session). These cookies are mandatory for the proper functioning of certain applications or functionality on web pages.
  • Permanent or stored cookies: permanent cookies can be used to improve user experience (for example, to store registration information, page language settings, and so on). These cookies remain in the browser’s cookie file for a longer period until they are deleted. This time period depends on the choice the user makes in the settings of his Internet browser. Permanent cookies allow information to be downloaded to a web server each time someone visits the site. Permanent cookies are also known as track cookies;
  • Own party cookies are created when a user views the site and can be permanent or temporary. Websites use these cookies to store information that they will reuse when the user visits the site the next time;
  • Other party cookies originate from other, partner websites (for example, traffic measurement). In this way, third parties can collect information about users from different websites and use them for various purposes, from advertising, and analytics to improving their products.

Cookies can’t

  • contain viruses,
  • read data from your hard drive,
  • access your personal information, such as an e-mail address,
  • send e-mails, or control any function of your computer.

The site uses the following cookies

  • Tracking and analytics

    • The website uses analytic Google Analytics software from Google Inc., which uses cookies for the purpose of analyzing traffic (counting visitors, identifying browsers and keywords that lead to the site, navigation problems). The user’s site informs the user about it and loads cookies on the user’s device (computer) and allows the user to reject cookies.
    • This allows you to track online behavior; at the collection level, the cookies store information about how users use the site, including the number of pages displayed, where the user is coming from (geographic location), visit time, and visits, in order to improve the site and provide a good user experience. This data is collected through tracking cookies. Data obtained through cookies is anonymous and does not link to personal data. The website does not share this information with any third parties for their own use. If no user accepts cookies, no information is stored.
  • Social media

    • These are cookies of partner services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google; Analytics, Maps Youtube, Google+, Pinterest, Sheraholic and others.
  • Website loading

    • All site visits are redirected through the Cloudflare Infrastructure before the request for a web page arrives at the server, and then with the requested processed content back to the browser. This ensures faster and more secure web site loading. Cloudflare cookies are used to identify individual clients who share a common IP address and implement security settings for each client individually. For example, if a visitor is on the Internet cafes where there are many infected computers, but your computer (browser) has been successfully marked as trusted (because they have successfully passed the check that the computer is free from within the Challenge Passage period), the cookie allows Cloudflare to identify you as trustworthy and not to re-apply for validation. The cookie does not correspond to any user ID of the website and does not store personal information. Clients are tagged through an independent generated tag that is not associated with your identity.
  • Log in to the WordPress site

    • WordPres, the platform on which the website is based, uses cookies to identify users who have logged in to the site through the application form. When signed in, a so-called cookie cookie is created, in which the authentication details are stored. Use of the cookie is limited to the administration of the website. A cookie indicates when you logged in on the page who you are, so that the administration itself can easily be adapted according to previously defined settings, by default or by default. Cookies over a certain period of time expire.
  • Commenting on posts and / or writing on a forum on a WordPress site

    • When a user comments on a website, a cookie is created on your computer. This cookie is only for your convenience, so you will not need to enter your name, e-mail address, website address, etc. in the next comment. And the relevant fields will already be filled in.
  • Other non-specific WordPress cookies

    • Cookies contain hash data, which means your username and password can not be easily read by viewing this cookie. Hash is the result of a mathematical formula based on your username and password. Hash data is very difficult (it’s almost impossible on the border with today’s computers) to find out in the original username and password.

It should be noted that most browsers automatically accept cookies; or blocking their use by changing the settings in their Internet browser.

You can check for individual cookies in the next step.

How to check which cookies the website uses

The most reliable way to check cookies is to directly check cookies in the browser you are using:

Blocking and deleting cookies on a website

You can delete or block cookies, but then some of the site’s features may no longer function as intended.

The information we collect with biscuits is not used to identify the user and the browsing habits are fully under our control. These cookies are not used for any purpose other than those mentioned above.

Temporarily disable cookies

  • The fastest and easiest way to prevent online cookies from being stored on all web browsers is to use the so-called “private window”. Private browsing allows us to visit the web without the web browser being able to store any information about the pages we visited.

Delete and permanently turn off cookies in your browser

Browsers, of course, also enable the permanent shutdown of online cookies, and we must be aware that by permanently turning off / erasing we will lose the ability to maintain our personal settings, login status, information about online shopping and much more, and that the pages will not work properly or you will be deprived of additional options. Sites will load a bit more slowly as the images and all parts of the content will have to be loaded from the beginning every time.